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How you can prospect in a neighborhood in a hot market – property blog

Times are pretty tough right now and you, as a real estate agent are probably having a very difficult time finding and keeping clients aren’t you?

 Well, if you are in that boat, then why don’t you start prospecting in a neighborhood that is extremely hot?

 Finding a hot market is something that takes some skill, however prospecting is something that can be easily done.

 Most sellers think that they can get away with selling their home without having to hire a realtor, by prospecting; you are coming to them and promising to get their home sold extremely quickly.

If you need to get, for example, houses for sale in Spain, some try walking around a neighborhood or even driving around it and asking some of the neighbors if anyone is thinking about selling their home.

 In this generation, people are constantly looking for a way to get out of their mortgage and relocate, so you could find some clients simply by coming to them and asking them.

Real estate agents work hard for their money and while they make a lot of money in the long run, the commission is what gets them that is why prospecting